"I must keep growing as a human being
 to expand as an artist"

Jody Travis Thompson was born in 1972 in Sulphur, Louisiana. He began his formal artistic education in 1982 in his hometown, through private classes with Jane Ludwig-Johnson. This education would instruct Thompson on the mechanics of manipulating the medium of oil paint in Renaissance tradition. “I was being trained to see the world as paint” Thompson states. The system this forced him to concentrate on a painting being first and foremost about the process of paint, instead of being about the subject matter. Thompson adds, “…by training my brain to see the world in paint rather than seeing a photograph, therefore the life of the painting is free in the action of making it instead of being confined by the thought of what it should or shouldn’t be”.

Thompson began study at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He was introduced to the usage of deep color, and striking, dramatic highlights that Caravaggio influenced in the Baroque period; the honest, objective observation of Leonardo DaVinci during the High Renaissance; and the masterly treatment of intense light and shadows of reflection by Johannes Vermeer in the Dutch Golden Age. While acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art/Painting, focused his natural ability on learning Italian Renaissance techniques that would heavily influence the foundation of his artistic language.